Braid tube with rice stitch

Braid tube with rice stitch

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Directed in rice stitch, this alpaca bra will accompany your little one gently on cool days. A cozy baby model from birth to 2 years old.

Sizes: a: birth (b: 3 months / c: 6 months / d: 12 months / e: 18 and 24 months)Supplies

Merino Alpaca Phildar Quality: 4 (5-6-7-8) Amarante color balls
Order the threads on the Phildar website
Aig. n ° 3

Points used

Ribs 1/1
Pt of rice:
1st rg: (end of work) * 1 m. ENDR. - 1 m approx. * repeat from * to * end by 1 st. ENDR.
2nd rg: as the 1st rg.
Always repeat these 2 rows. We therefore thwart the m. at ch. rg


10 cm stockinette, ea. n ° 3 = 24 m. and 31 rows.
10 cm pt of rice, aig. n ° 3 = 25 m. and 44 rows.

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