DIY: heart soaps

DIY: heart soaps

You may be short of original gift ideas for Valentine's Day ... And if you made mini soaps gelatin and essential oil of lavender? A simple DIY, fun and 100% reclaimed!


  • 9 sheets of gelatine
  • 9 glasses of water
  • Shower gel
  • Almond oil softening
  • Lavender essential oil (de-stressing)
  • 2 empty containers
  • A whip
  • A tea spoon
  • Molds of different shapes


  • 1.Introduce the gelatin sheets and water into the pan. Then put everything on the fire and boil the elements.
  • 2. Turn off then pour a few teaspoons of shower gel into the mixture. It is the shower gel that will allow your soaps to foam!
  • 3. Pour 3 spoonfuls of sweet almond into the container as well as lavender essential oil. The sweet almond helps soften your skin while the essential oil of lavender has soothing and de-stressing virtues for the body.
  • 4.Dix the mixture into two in the containers then pour a few drops of dyes, then stir.
  • 5. Pour everything into the mold. And let cool in the fridge a few hours.