Pregnancy calendar: the 10th week of pregnancy (12th SA)

Pregnancy calendar: the 10th week of pregnancy (12th SA)

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Your future baby continues to grow: it now measures 5 cm and weighs about 18 g. The great shape ... which is not always your case because, at this stage of pregnancy, it is possible that you feel raplapla!

Baby side: there's joy!

His brain has developed a lot and his nerve cells are multiplying very fast. The hormones present in the blood transmit to the fetus the happiness or agitation of the mother: her heart beats and her movements are more lively ... even if you still do not feel them.

Your future baby now measures 5 cm from the head to the coccyx (7.5 from head to heels) and weighs about 18 g. His head is still very big compared to the rest of the body, but his face takes more and more human form. Buds of the permanent teeth point and hair bulbs (hair and hair) begin to form. The kidneys work and your baby's urine, which contributes to the permanent renewal of the amniotic fluid!

Mum's next side: tired, me? Always !

It's not easy to feel "raplapla" all the time, especially for working women and mothers who already have dependent children. But good news: your nausea will begin to fade and your urge to urinate. The explanation? Your uterus grows and goes back into the abdominal cavity, so your bladder is no longer compressed!

To remedy your tiredness, continue to rest as much as possible and make sure your diet is balanced. You can test natural remedies like ginger sticks. Indeed, ginger oil from tubers stimulates your body and puts you in shape. Also discover our ginger recipes special future moms.

Medical question: why is one screened for high blood pressure at each visit?

High blood pressure affects 1 in 10 pregnant women. Screening is important because it can cause stunted growth of your baby due to a malfunctioning role of the placenta. In the third trimester, they are sometimes accompanied by albuminuria and edema: it is the toxemia of pregnancy, which can have serious consequences for you and your child. If your doctor detects high blood pressure, in principle beyond 13/9, he will prescribe appropriate treatment and rest.

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Remember to send your pregnancy report, completed by the doctor, to your health insurance fund in the first three months. Last deadline: the 14th week.

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