Discover group life

Discover group life

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Your toddler is kept at home and sees few children? Places of early socialization exist everywhere in France. Take the opportunity to discover group life.

Learn the rules of group life

  • Socializing is not based on a spontaneous mechanism. The toddler is a true egocentric!
  • During his first two years, he does not know the difference between his own body and the environment around him. He thinks everything is "him"! As a result, he tears his boyfriend's toy out of his hands, he jostles him to pass, it is almost impossible for him to wait for his turn.
  • By cohabiting regularly, with children of his ageyour child will incorporate the rules of group living.

Connect with others

  • Very early, children are able to engage in social relationships and in group life. Of course, some are more sociable than others, more extroverted, more talkative, more leaders or leaders. These will launch role plays, ideas.
  • Your toddler looks impressed? Do not panic. It stores ... even if it does not participate enough to your liking. Being with children of his age makes him grow up. He looks, observes. It captures everything with its antennas deployed. Soon, he will imitate, then launch himself to others the day he feels ready.
  • Group life is complex. Do not expect respectful relationships ... One day he will look for his friends, another he will ignore them. Little by little, you will see him change his attitude.

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