Nurseries in SNCF train stations

Nurseries in SNCF train stations

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Nativity scenes should be created in SNCF train stations. After a first experiment in the Roanne station, the railway decided to extend the project. To meet a very high demand, the SNCF wants to make available to its users childcare services in its stations. (News of 19/04/11)

Facilitate the life of users

  • SNCF wants to develop the service offer in railway stations, in order to transform them into centers of urban life.
  • By developing crèches inside its stations, the SNCF wants to allow users to entrust their children to early childhood professionals, just before taking the train to get to their place of work. On their return, they will be able to recover their children as soon as they get off the train.
  • To guarantee success, SNCF wants to adapt the hourly amplitude of its places of guard to the schedules of the parents.

Transformed trial

  • Since August 2010, the former brewery Roanne station was transformed into a nursery.
  • 5 days out of 7, this approved structure of 170 m² accommodates 10 children from 6:45 until 19h.
  • By 2012 other crèches should be inaugurated in the Paris region, Ermont-Eaubonne and Paris Nord.
  • Different projects should see the day in all France in many stations.

Frédérique Odasso