Already a brain, your future baby!

Already a brain, your future baby!

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From the first days of pregnancy to birth, the head of your future baby is the place of extraordinary development. 100 billion neurons, 10,000 connections per neuron, his brain develops ...

  • The head of your future baby begins to take shape at the very beginning of pregnancy. From the end of the third week of amenorrhea, the first week of pregnancy, while the embryo is only 2 mm, a small bulge at one of its ends appears: it is his future head, where goes train his brain.
  • Already small thickenings are distinguished instead of eyes and ears. His big head leans forward and looks huge compared to his body of just 30 mm. Its volume increases moreover more quickly than the rest of its body.
  • Gradually, his head will recover, his eyes, mouth and nose begin to emerge.

Well organised

  • The construction of the brain starts as early as the fifth week of pregnancy: rudimentary outline of the nervous system, the neural tube is formed and the major regions of the future brain are already recognizable.
  • Each of its four zones, called "lobes", will later be dedicated to a function. The frontal lobe at the front of the skull with motor skills, the parietal lobe with sensitivity, space. Further back, the occipital lobe will be the future seat of vision. And under the temple, the temporal lobe which is responsible in particular for hearing, olfaction and memory. During the 2nd month of pregnancy, the brain is structured in two hemispheres.

Many neurons

  • His neurons appear. In the 3rd and 4th months, they will multiply at high speed and connect with each other. At this stage, there is even talk of overproduction. 100 billion neurons are produced along the neural tube at a rate of 5,000 neurons per second.
  • Hardly trained, they move to reach the periphery and form the cortex. This migration is done through special cells, the glial fibers, sort of cables stretched between the neural tube and the developing brain area.

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