And if you went to the pool?

And if you went to the pool?

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Ideal sport during pregnancy, swimming is practiced, in principle, until birth. She can even help with childbirth.


It is recommended to start this preparation as early as the fourth month of pregnancy. A medical certificate of no contraindication will be required.

Why ?

Adapt gently to the changes in your body, no longer feel the sensation of heaviness, relieve your back and ligament pelvic pain, promote better blood circulation by exerting a massage draining your heavy legs and learn to control your breath, the program is loaded!

For who ?

Anyone who likes water, knows how to swim or not, and who is looking for a gentle physical activity.


In a water heated to 29-30 ° C, and for about an hour, a midwife will offer you breathing, muscle and ligament exercises that will relax you.

Where do you go?

To the Federation of aquatic activities of awakening and leisure on the site, to your maternity or to the town hall of your home. Before you decide, go and visit the pool and make sure the hygiene rules of the pool, showers and cloakroom (no hair lying in the showers, clean foot, well maintained cabins, etc.).

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After the pool, rehydrate yourself by drinking water and remember to bring a snack (dried fruits, biscuits ...), to avoid a possible "blow of pump".

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