He quibbles on his plate

He quibbles on his plate

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Whatever dish you offer, your child quibbles and makes the soup with a grimace. You, the mustard goes up in your face ...

Your toddler, until now, ate a good appetite, but for some time, he quibbles, sulking his plate. Here are some recipes to better understand and especially accept this situation that touches you in the depths of your role as a mother.

He does not want to eat anything? Various causes are possible

  • Your child has so much to discover. He has only one desire is to stand up, explore, walk ... No wonder then that the pleasures of the table are in the background of his concerns ... It is a common phenomenon in children from 1 to 3 years old.
  • He is sick and not very hungry, it's normal ! He mobilizes his energy to defend himself against the infection. Eating passes after this fight.
  • He has trouble swallowing : when he has a sore throat, difficult for him to swallow anything! If he was born prematurely and has been fed by a gastric tube for a long time, he does not manage to develop an easy and voluntary swallowing. Even at 1 year, food is not necessarily associated with pleasure.
  • He is in the midst of an opposition crisis. At this age, your child begins to assert himself: "No!", "Do not love", "Do not want" ... At the same time are born new dislikes, especially for food.
  • He likes to provoke you, his mother. And he knows, besides, that it works! When he says "no" to the meal you lovingly gave him, do not you tend to make it ... a whole dish? And are not you quick to complain that he refuses to eat with you, while with grandpa, granny or his nanny, it is much easier!

He does not want to eat anything. How to react ?

  • First check its weight curve If your child has lost weight, consult your pediatrician. Only he will be able to adapt a possible treatment. But most of the time, a child who lacks appetite continues to evolve normally.
  • Do not force him. Try as much as possible to no longer "focus" on the content of his plate that does not diminish. It is better to defuse the conflict with imagination. So, do not listen to the "well-meaning" people who remind you that the table is not a playground.

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