9 things your midwife can do for you

9 things your midwife can do for you

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During your pregnancy, you will probably be followed by a midwife, but maybe you do not know what she can do for you ... Review before your next appointment.

1) Declare your pregnancy

  • Since 2004, and the amendment of Article L.2122-1 of the Public Health Code, a midwife can perform the first prenatal examination and, therefore, attest to pregnancy. For this, it completes the print "you expect a child" and a certificate of first medical examination. You will then send the first installment of these documents to the Caf before the 14th week of pregnancy, in order to collect the birth premium. The second part will be sent to Social Security so that your future care will be reimbursed.

2) Follow you until birth

  • It's possible, provided you are followed by a liberal midwife. She will be able to practice all the examinations of your pregnancy, including the ultrasounds if she is equipped and especially, trained to that. Be aware however that in case of problems (gestational diabetes, risk of preterm birth ...), it will direct you to a hospital. If all is well, she can give you two conditions: if your maternity has a technical platform open to midwives liberal or if you opt for delivery at home. Otherwise, you will give birth to your baby at the maternity ward, accompanied by the midwife on duty that day.

3) Prescribe antibiotics

  • Since the decree of October 12obre 2011the prescription field of midwives has been expanded. They can now prescribe antibiotics to treat a urinary infection or to prevent maternal-fetal infections in pregnant women (for example in case of premature rupture of the water pocket).

4) Prescribe homeopathy

  • Nausea, heavy legs, rise of painful milk... whether during or after pregnancy, midwives can prescribe homeopathic medicines since 2011. Good news for future mothers who often have no other solutions to heal while waiting baby.

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