Addicted to her pacifier, it's a problem?

Addicted to her pacifier, it's a problem?

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Your child falls and comes to console in your arms with pacifier ... An hour later, you scold him, he cries and claims his pacifier ... In the evening, it is with still with it that he falls asleep, like a big ... who is about 3 years old!

The first days of her life, you had proposed a pacifier to your newborn to soothe and fill his need for suction. You thought he would land very fast. Two years later, he seems to hold more than ever.

A pacifier, so what?

We hear everything and its opposite on the pacifier. And if we stopped demonizing her?

  • For your baby, suckling is a vital and natural need, which brings pleasure and relaxation thanks to the endomorphine (hormone of well-being) secreted during sucking. At 2 years, if the habit is taken, difficult for him to do without overnight.
  • For some psychoanalysts, banning the pacifier is to prevent the child from feeling a solitary and personal pleasure. Would you like to counter an auto-erotic activity? No !
  • Sucking a pacifier causes less deformation of the jaws and destabilization of the position than the thumb. Of course, this habit does not last too long ...

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